50 States Running

Goal: Do a race in every state. Highlighted below is the highest level of race (by mileage) I've done in each state… I have a lot of states to go! I've identified some of the races that I'd like to do in the other states, but now it's a matter of finding the time and money to get registered and make it happen.

Completed races:
Wish list races:
What's the can't miss race in your state? What should I add to my list? My criteria for the race is that it should fit into one of the following categories:
  • something challenging (at least a 10k)
  • something unique (sperunking, anyone?)
  • tied to another reason to visit the state - all of the 5k states above were done while I was in the state for another reason (i.e. work conference, vacation, wedding, NHL game, etc.)


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