Saturday, June 27, 2015

Westward adventures - Wandering around Grand Teton National Park

After the half marathon on Saturday, I took a quick shower and decided to wander around the park a little bit to try to figure out my options for hiking later in the week. My first stop was a visitor's center and after talking with several rangers about the trails I originally wanted to hike, they felt that the snow was still probably too deep / treacherous to go without an ice ax, so I quickly nixed that idea and figured I would do some day hikes instead and just camp closer to civilization.

After the visitor's center, I stopped by the Taggart Lake trail and decided that would be a good short (4-ish miles) post-race hike. 

After the Phelps Lake overlook, the trail was much less crowded and I found myself alone a lot of the time.

The weather was looking a little dark, with lots of rain clouds in the distance, but luckily, the rain stayed far enough away from me that I was able to just finish the hike before it started. 

Next up was the Jenny Lake scenic loop, followed by dinner at Signal Mountain. It had cooled off quite a bit by then, but I still stayed out on the patio and ate dinner looking at Jackson Lake. 

On my way to dinner, I passed by the road that went up to the top of Signal Mountain, so I did a quick backtrack and headed up to the top for a sunset / rain cloud view of the mountains. It was an amazing view!

Since I was almost to the part where I could make a loop out of my trip, I kept going and came across the Jackson Lake dam which was really neat. 

After the dam, I headed back on the main road toward the Teton Village and stopped at several of the pull-out areas to get even more pictures of the mountains!

Next up, a quick detour from the Jackson area down to Pinedale.


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