Saturday, June 20, 2015

Westward adventures - An introduction

For those of you following my Instagram account, you got a sneak peek into the 2-week adventure I had through Utah, Wyoming and Montana (with a very brief stint in Idaho as well). I'll be doing a recap of all of all the great places I got to see and the two half marathons I ran, but a few quick highlights:
  • An SUV is a must for some of the roads around the Tetons and it was nice to be able to dry out all of my camping gear in the vehicle while I was doing day hikes. 
  • Antelope Island outside of Salt Lake City is definitely worth a night if you're in the area, just remember to bring long sleeves, pants and a net for your head - the bugs were everywhere!
  • The Hostel at Teton Village is a good place to station your base camp if you want a bed to sleep in at night but don't want to spend a ton of money. 
  • Yellowstone can get crowded, even early in the summer season, so heading out early or late can help you see the hot spots without as much traffic and increase your odds of seeing wildlife.
Stay tuned for lots of pictures and highlights from my trip.


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