Sunday, June 21, 2015

Westward adventures - Antelope Island, UT

After doing a quick stop-off at REI and Target for some last-minute items (bear spray, cooking fuel, Cheez-Its, Poptarts - all the good stuff!), I headed north of Salt Lake City to Antelope Island. I booked a campsite on the island so that I could take some time in Utah before heading up to Wyoming for a week's worth of adventures. The guy working the front desk at my hotel in Salt Lake didn't seem too impressed that I was heading up there, but it turned into a great experience! 

My first stop was the Lady Finger Point Trail which was just a short trail (about half a mile total) out to see the Great Salt Lake and all of the seagulls who were nesting in the area.

Next stop was the visitor's center which had some tributes to the bison of the island.

The island had some very pretty flowers growing on it.

I also did a quick trip around Buffalo Point Trail (a little less than a mile). 

The big hike for the day was up to the top of Frary Peak Trail (about 6 miles total with 2,084 feet of elevation gain). Of course, I waited until the hottest part of the day to start this hike, but I took it slow and there was a ton to see.

After that hike, I took a driving trip around the rest of the island and you could see the skyline of Salt Lake City.

The other great part about being on a lake is that you can usually get some pretty good sunset views.

Friday morning I got up early and I was able to see a lot more bison roaming around the island. There were a few out Thursday afternoon, but they were much more active Friday morning, including crossing the road right in front of my car.

Even though I only stayed on Antelope Island for one night, I would definitely encourage you to take a trip out there if you have the option. I would highly recommend long sleeves and a head net for the bugs - the biting gnats had hatched by the time I got there, so they were quite annoying, but the head net worked really well.


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