Wednesday, March 04, 2015

February Recap - getting stronger

February was an interesting month - I got another race under my belt with the Super Bowl 4-miler and actually finished it 1:42 faster than my best in 2013 which is pretty impressive on a bum knee (that was before I got the official diagnosis and the cortisone shot). I've started doing physical therapy twice a week and feel much better and definitely stronger than I have been, so I'm looking forward to my half marathon in a few weeks to see how my knee responds to that distance after all this work. 

I've also signed up and started training for the Trailblaze Challenge which is a one-day, 28.3 mile hike that I'll be doing in May. Unfortunately, the weather has been hampering our formal training hikes, so I've only done two so far, but this week calls for a 10 mile hike and the weather is supposed to be in the 70's today (jealous?!), so even though we're expecting some rain tomorrow, it should be nice enough for us to get out on the trails this weekend and start our real training!

I've also convinced a few of my friends to join me on a trail relay this summer in Angel Fire, NM so I'm excited to check another state off my list and maybe this time I'll be able to complete all three of my legs without getting rained out!

Resolution Updates
Walk the dogs for at least 20 minutes, 5 days a week - I've been terrible at this resolution this month… part of it can be blamed on the super cold weather we've had, but some of it is not managing my time as well as I could have in the evenings.
6 / 28 days totaling 20 miles & 6 hours

Drink more water - I was on a 37 day streak but had a day with only 22 ounces, so my current streak at the end of February was 8 days.
23 / 31 days drinking at least 39 oz. of water, including a current 18-day streak

2,015 miles in 2015 - this goal requires about 5.5 miles per day, and I was a little behind in January which means that I'm a little farther behind in February. My new average per day is up to 5.66 miles per day because I only hit my goal in 11 out of 28 days.
145.6 numbers in February for a total of 285.6 miles so far

How did your February goals go?


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