Thursday, January 01, 2015

New Year = New Challenge

With a new year comes lots of new challenges popping up on social media, including one by Ragnar: The 30 Day #RagnarTraining Challenge. I've tried several of these 30-day challenges before, with very little success, but with my marathon training kicking into full gear, I think this one should be a little easier to keep up with. So, within the challenge, there are themed weeks:

  • January 1-11: chase the sunrise / sunset
  • January 12-18: train with a partner
  • January 19-25: do something you've never done
  • January 26-31: two a days
So for day 1, I went out around 5:00pm and just ran around my neighborhood for a short 2.8 miles - my goal was to do a short run but to run it faster than I have been running over the past month. I wasn't quite as fast as I had hoped, but it was still a good run that I finished up by doing some sprints up the hill near my house. Starting at the bottom of the hill, I sprinted up two mailboxes, walked back down one, then sprinted up two and repeated until I got to my mailbox. Since I'm not playing as much soccer as I have been, I think this will be a good compromise for the sprinting I normally get in those games.

Here's to a great start for 2015! 


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