Thursday, December 11, 2014

Two weeks is a lot of time off...

...but, I was able to run last night! I went out for a local group run with no real expectations other than that I wanted to test out my knee to see how it was feeling after two weeks of rest. I went slow and steady and ended up doing 3 miles, with an average pace of 12:53. I was aware of my knee throughout the run, but I anticipate that's because of some minor residual swelling and mostly because I haven't been doing anything beyond some walking (average miles per day is 2 miles total, with a maximum of 3.27 miles). 

Other than being a little winded to start the run (combination of uphill & cold air), I felt really good throughout the run and am hopeful that this means I can start moving toward longer distances, which is a good thing since I've got a half marathon in a week and a half! While I know that 3 miles is only about a quarter of the race distance, I feel a lot better about it now, knowing that if nothing else I can get a lot of walking in that day. Since the half marathon is actually the shortest distance of the 3 race options that day (50k, full and half), the cut-off time is over 8 hours, so I think I should be safe. I'll probably try to get a longer run in this weekend to see how that feels and then another 1-2 short runs in next week and then it's race #19 for the year!

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  1. That's great! I'm glad to hear things are healing nicely!