Sunday, April 20, 2014

Weekly training update

I took more days off this week than I was planning to, but I made up for it on the days that I did get my running in. I was targeting 15-19 miles and came in at 18.94 miles, so I'm happy with that, but I'll definitely have to keep an eye on my miles during these last 2 weeks before the marathon - I don't want to slack off too much and now that playoff hockey has started, I have to make sure to fit in my runs before the games start! 

Sunday - pick-up soccer, 6.63 miles. I actually played a lot of soccer that I wasn't expecting to again. I went out for my normal pick-up game on Sunday afternoon and then later in the evening, I had to pick up some paperwork from another player from the women's league and was asked to play for their 7 v 7 game. The convinced me to play goalie! I didn't do too bad, but the 3 goals they did score were over my head into the corner, so definitely a good shot by their players. The team I was on ended up winning 5-3 and after the 7 v 7 game, we played pick-up for 30 minutes. Lots of soccer the day after my 23.5 mile run, so I was very sore once I sat down for awhile.

Monday - off

Tuesday - 7 v 7 soccer, 2.61 miles. We won the game and it was a good start to the season. We're still having some issues with people showing up on time to start the games, but we'll see if that trend continues this week since we have added a couple of new players who (hopefully) will show up on time! 

Wednesday - off

Thursday - off. We didn't have any women's games this week because of spring break and lots of people planning to be out of town, so instead we held a social at one of our sponsors. It was nice to get to talk with everyone from the different teams, especially since we all recognized one another, but we hardly ever get the chance to just sit and talk with one another during the season. 

Friday - off

Saturday - long run, 9.7 miles (11:33 pace).

How did your week go? Did you hit your goals?


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