Sunday, April 13, 2014

Weekly training update

This week was my highest mileage week for my marathon training and only the second time I exceeded my goal mileage. I was aiming for 33 - 37 miles and ended up with 37.4 miles, though I am still getting my weekly short runs in during soccer games and not actually with just runs, but so far so good and I'll just try to stay safe while I'm on the field!

Sunday - pick-up soccer, 3.5 miles

Monday - 7 v 7 soccer, 2.81 miles. I randomly got asked by one of my friends to sub for her since she was sick and we ended up playing against my old team. There were a lot of "traitor" taunts coming from the sidelines while I was on the field, but it was fun to play against my old teammates - it was just like our Sunday pick-up soccer games, but this time the goals actually counted for something.

Tuesday - off

Wednesday - off

Thursday - 11 v 11 soccer, 7.58 miles. One of our teams was down to 6 players and asked me to help them out on Thursday, so I ended up playing 2 full games Thursday night. Both teams that I played with won 1-0, so it was a good night!

Friday - off

Saturday - long run - RaceFest half marathon, 23.51 miles, 11:32 pace. 

How did your week go? Did you hit your goals?


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