Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Spartan Sprint Race Pictures

I finally got around to looking for my Spartan Sprint pictures from the race I did. Luckily, the friend I was running with did not lose his bib, so I was able to look up his bib number and find my pictures. You definitely get the idea of how muddy the race is when you look at these pictures! 

Keep in mind, the earliest pictures of me were after I had already fallen into the muddy water on obstacle #3, so I was definitely more covered in mud than some of the other participants.

Obstacle #8 - Barb Wire Crawl
Look, I found my race bib - I better carry it with me under the barbed wire!

Obstacle # 9 - Sandbag Carry

Obstacle #18 - Fire Jump
What I didn't know until after I finished is that my friend decided to stop to take advantage of the warmth from the fire pit as I was jumping over it! 

Free race pictures has to be one of the best perks a race can offer, especially when they capture action shots like these!!


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