Sunday, March 16, 2014

Weekly training update

Overall, it was a pretty good week for training - I got 17.62 miles of running in (goal: 15-19) so it was right where I wanted to be. I feel like I'm in a good place with 7 weeks to go before my marathon. I've two more really long runs to go before I start my taper and the next 3 weeks mean 3 more races for me, so it will be good to test out my training in race conditions.

Sunday - pick-up soccer, 3.51 miles. I felt much better the day after my 18 mile run than the day after my 16.75 mile run two weeks ago. It was good to shake out my legs with some pick-up soccer and I didn't really feel any effects of my long run by Monday.

Monday - 7 v 7 soccer, 1.64 miles. 4-3 playoff win on my birthday! We started off slowly, but came back in the second to win the game and will play the Championship game on St. Patrick's Day! 

Tuesday - 7 v 7 soccer, 1.29 miles. The only word to describe this game is frustration. We scored the first 3 goals of the game and then ended up in a 3-3 tie. I only played about 20 minutes of the game since we finally had 9 people show up and no one wanted to sub out of the game, so I just twiddled my thumbs on the sidelines most of the game. We have next week off and then we should start the playoffs.

Wednesday - 7 v 7 soccer, 4.08 miles. We lost 2-1, but we played a good game and everybody got a lot of running in because we only had 7 players for the game. It was our last game of the regular season for us and we didn't make the playoffs. I'm going to take the next season off, so Wednesdays will become running days for me instead.

Thursday - 11 v 11 soccer, 4 miles. This was our first game of the women's league spring season and it was a good game - we have most of the same team coming back from our fall season, so it should be pretty easy to get back into our rhythm. We tied the game 1-1 and I got a lot of good sprinting in during this game! 

Friday - off

Saturday - long run, 3.1 miles, 10:00 pace (estimated). Color Me Green 5k - I haven't done a run this short in a long time, so when I got to the water stop at mile 2, I was surprised at how far I had gone so fast. It's definitely a major change running for 30 minutes instead of 3 hours! 

How did your week go? Did you hit your goals?


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