Saturday, March 01, 2014

2014 Race Calendar - sign-up frenzy!

Even though I've been focusing on my soccer responsibilities over the past two weeks, it hasn't stopped me from looking at other races I can do this year and today was a deadline of sorts for me - I had to make a decision about whether or not I was going to commit to a few different races.

Race #1: The Color Me Green 5k is coming up in two weeks and I had a lot of fun doing it last year. There's a lot of St. Patrick's Day activities to check out while you're there, so I figured I'd give it another go. I'm hoping Salomon will be there again this year to let us try out their trail shoes - the ones I used last year were pretty awesome! Plus, I want to get some training in before…

Race #2: I have officially committed to joining a team for the Ragnar Trail Appalachians, WV. I've never met anyone on the team and found them on the Ragnar Facebook page because they posted that they needed more runners for their team. I think it's a great way to meet new people and try out trail running without committing to a half marathon or something longer. The legs for this race are two 10ks and a 3.6 miler. The elevation also doesn't look too crazy either, which will be good. Plus, this will check WV off my 50 states running challenge!

Race #3: Some of my friends ran in The Scream half marathon last summer and we talked about it while we were on our Key West adventure. Who doesn't love the idea of a completely downhill half marathon, especially when runners are telling you they took 15 minutes off their normal half marathon time without changing any of their training?! There's over 2,400 feet of descent, roughly 150+ feet per mile - definitely the complete opposite of The Bear which I will be doing the week before! Registration is limited to 350 participants and opened today, so I wanted to make sure to get in before it filled up.

I did miss out on the early registration for Thunder Road which is in Charlotte in November, so now I have until the end of May to decide if I want to run that race. It's an iconic race in Charlotte and one that I think I'd like to do at some point - I just need to figure out if 2014 is the year for it.

What about you - have you signed up for any races lately? Are there any on your radar that you're waiting for registration to open?


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