Sunday, February 16, 2014

Weekly training update

This is one of my lowest mileage counts in a LONG time! I was on vacation Sunday - Tuesday and then came back to a snow storm Wednesday & Thursday, so I didn't get too much accomplished this week, but it felt good to recharge and I'm ready to get back to my long training runs. I'm at about the halfway point of my marathon training, so this probably came at the perfect point for me.

Sunday - off (bar crawl in Key West) 

Monday - off (lounging on the beach in Key West)

Tuesday - off (traveling)

Wednesday - off 

Thursday - off (shoveled some snow)

Friday - off (shoveled some more snow)

Saturday - long run, 5.96 miles, 11:49 pace. 
My training group was cancelled again, but I had to get out for a run and a lot of the snow had melted on Friday, so I figured the sidewalks should be good enough to run on. As I started out, the sidewalks in my neighborhood were about 75% clear, so I still thought it would be clear enough for a good run, but as I got out to the main road, there were some major passes that had at least 6-8" of snow - it was like running in sand! My calves were killing me before I even hit the 1.5 mile mark.
  • Mile 1 - 11:33
  • Mile 2 - 12:25 <-- lots of snow and some hills
  • Mile 3 - 11:36
  • Mile 4 - 11:48
  • Mile 5 - 12:56 <-- running back through the snow
  • Last .96 - 10:31 
How did your week go? Did you hit your goals? 


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