Sunday, February 02, 2014

Weekly training update

Another week of a missed goal total - I ended up with 13.62 miles (aiming for 15-19 miles), but that doesn't include anything for my Wednesday night cross training, so overall, I'm still comfortable with the distance I hit.

Sunday - pick-up soccer, 4.27 miles

Monday - 7 v 7 soccer, 1.75 miles. Our first loss of the season, 2-1. The worst part is that they scored their game-winning goal with only about 2 minutes left and it was an unfortunate play that hit our keeper and bounced off right to the guy I was supposed to be defending, 2 feet from the net. Definitely not how you want to see a game end. 

Tuesday - off

Thursday - off

Friday - off

Saturday - long run, 7.6 miles, 12:31 pace.
  • Mile 1 - 12:22
  • Mile 2 - 12:37
  • Mile 3 - 13:39 <-- water stop
  • Mile 4 - 12:16
  • Mile 5 - 12:19
  • Mile 6 - 14:37 <-- water stop
  • Mile 7 - 10:53 <-- I started running on my own because the group was planning over 8 miles for the day and I was only planning to do 5-7 miles
  • Last .6 - 10:45
I really picked up the pace for the last two miles of my run, but it still felt comfortable. My goal for next week's race is a 10:00 pace, so it's good to know that I can pick up the pace in my later miles (my longest run will be 7.9 miles next week). Since I was on my own, I did keep an eye on my watch to see how fast I was going, but I really just ran by feel without worrying about how fast I was going. 

How did your week go? Did you hit your goals?


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