Saturday, February 15, 2014

Tourist Time: Key West, FL

The weather was perfect for our trip. Although it was really hot during our run, it was nice to be able to walk around in temperatures in the high 70's. Since we had 12 people to accommodate, we rented a condo at Pelican Landing for our team and it was awesome! We had a full kitchen where we were able to make breakfast every day and a living room to chill in at night. This picture is from our huge balcony!

As part of the Ragnar Relay, there was a sponsored bar crawl that several of my teammates wanted to participate in, so on Sunday, we headed out to wander around downtown to do some barhopping. Our first stop was Charlie Mac's which has an area where you can take a mug shot with various "crimes" listed, where our team was more than happy to grab some candid photos. As we continued on our bar crawl, we came across the Southernmost Tattoo shop, which prompted several of us to check in on Facebook and with the help of the temporary tattoos provided by Ragnar, we were able to scare a lot of relatives back home! We spent most of the day on Sunday just wandering around Duval street and I would highly recommend it if for nothing else than people watching. There really is something for everyone on that street - just be aware that you'll be surrounded by lots of people drinking! Key West has a very lax (nonexistent?) open container law, so I was highly entertained the entire evening.

Here's a view of some of the sunsets we saw, the one on the left and the top right are from the finish line at Higgs Beach and the bottom right is from Mallory Square. 
The first night we were in town, we wandered over to the southernmost point. I wanted to go back during the day to get a better picture, but we spent our last day on the beach and by the time I remembered, it was already dark again! The Green Room Milers (team #270) asked us at one of the exchanges if we were ready for the swimming portion of the race which started in Key West - only 90 miles to Cuba! 

Monday we spent the day hanging out on Smathers Beach and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

On our way back to Miami, we stopped to take some pictures at 7 mile bridge which is much less intimidating riding in a van with AC! 

My final picture isn't really of Key West, it's actually from the plane as I was flying into Miami, but I really like the outline of the beach and the colors of the water, so I had to include it here! 

The one thing I wish I would have gone to see while I was in Key West was Hemingway's house, but, just like the southernmost point picture, by the time I remembered it, it was late on our last night and I was ready for sleep! 

Have you ever been to Key West? 

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  1. Key west is my favorite place and that is part of why I chose this as the Ragnar to do. I will be back again in January for the half marathon, I am just hoping for cooler weather. Such a great idea to rent a place with you whole team!!!!