Monday, February 03, 2014

The Bear!!

If you've ever wanted to challenge yourself by running up a mountain, I would highly recommend trying out the Bear scheduled for the evening of Thursday, July 10. The race starts in the town of Linville, NC at 3640' and ends 5 miles later at the top of Grandfather Mountain at 5181' with a view that can't be beat! I'm officially registered for this race for my third year in a row - 2012 was cold and rainy where you couldn't see more than 100' in front of you while 2013 was sunny and you could see the spectacular views of the valleys below. If you've ever been tempted, I would recommend signing up as soon as possible - registration opened today and caps at 800 people (it sells out every year). For anyone who wants even more of a challenge, there is also the Grandfather Mountain Marathon which will be held on Saturday, July 12.

What's the most elevation gain you've ever had in a run?


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