Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Tapering plan (or a lack thereof)

My teammates and I have been discussing our tapering plans the past few weeks as we approach our upcoming race and we quickly realized that everyone approaches tapering very differently. Some people are trying to get rid of some last minute aches / pains and others are cautiously approaching their first relay race while a few of us have opted to keep our schedules consistent throughout our training. MapMyFitness posted an article on this very topic a couple of weeks ago. The general advice is the longer your race is, the more rest you should take leading up to the event, but I've found that if I change my standard routine too much, that's when I start to have issues (usually my IT band). So, instead of taking a week (or even multiple days) off, I decided to continue playing soccer throughout this week. I plan to take tomorrow off completely and then my part of the run will start around lunchtime on Friday, so I'll be sure to share how my "tapering plan" works out for me!

What's your typical tapering plan?


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