Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Signs you're crazy about running

Women's Health published the 25 signs you're crazy about running a few months ago, but it popped up on my Facebook feed today, and some of them definitely resonated with me!
I've got 2, though there is a lot of overlap between them: Quick Feet & Running Mix. I use the Running Mix most of the time, but I've also used my "Work Appropriate" mix for when I'm not using my headphones - don't want to scare off any other pedestrians I come across on my runs.
Maybe not "intensely" but during the Ragnar Relay, there was definitely a good discussion in our van about handheld vs. fuel belt vs. refusing to carry anything. I'm definitely in the fuel belt camp, but I am going to start training with a hydration pack now that I'm getting beyond the half marathon distance for my long runs.
Honestly, I probably do this more after soccer games than after running, but I definitely do at least half of my grocery shopping immediately following my long runs. 

How about when you don't even realize you're driving up a hill until you try to run on that same road?!

When I start my runs from my house, I usually try to figure out if there are any errands I can do on the way back home - so far I've stopped at the drug store, grocery store and hit up the ATM. I've been trying to figure out if I can run to the local post office to check my P.O. box, so the last time I drove the route, I checked for sidewalks (very busy road) and unfortunately, the sidewalk ends before my destination, so that's going to have to continue to be a driving route. 

This one is usually at some point during the race that I have this thought - it certainly popped into my head a couple times during the Ragnar Relay and by the time we were driving to the airport to fly home, we had half of the team committed to doing another relay race in September! 

Do any of these (or the others in the article) hit home for you?


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