Saturday, February 01, 2014

New gear!

Last week I was able to hit up a Nike outlet store to check for a new pair of running shoes. I started using the Nike Vomero 8 when I started having some hip issues training for my October half marathon and I know I will need a new pair before too long, so every time I am near an outlet mall, I try to check the Nike store in case they have these shoes in stock. Luckily, this time, they actually had them! The first pair I bought, I had to get quickly because I was 2 weeks from my race so I got them off of Amazon for over $110. This time I found a pair for about $80 (still not cheap, but $30 is a good amount of savings). I also found a long sleeve running shirt for half off. Both items are from the LiveStrong collection, so they coordinate with a nice pink & red pattern. The only concern I have about these shoes are the fact that they're mostly white! 

How long do you think I can keep these clean? 


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