Friday, February 28, 2014

My new part-time job

As I've mentioned previously, I've taken over running the Charlotte Women's Soccer League and even though I've been working on a lot of the details since January, the past two weeks have been super hectic with the start of our spring season. The first thing I did was to revamp our website - the last one wasn't bad, but it was set up by someone else and wasn't in a format that was very user friendly, plus I've gotten used to how Blogger works, so I changed our website to be hosted on there as well. 

Last week was our open play session where we try to recruit new players for the spring season. We got over 30 new players and about 90 returning players, so we've got a strong group for our spring season. Then last night we held our team round robin session so that all of the teams could get a little practice in with their teammates before we start the official games next week. Coordinating over 100 people is definitely a bit chaotic, but once we start our regular season, things should calm down a little bit for me as teams get settled into their own routines and I can rely on the captains to manage their teams. 

Needless to say, my life has been full of lots and lots of paperwork the past few weeks and I've spent most of my evenings this week attempting to create a schedule for the teams which accommodates player requests (including my own!) for specific game times. After a few days of wrestling with the schedule, I finally said "I'm done!" today - it's not 100% to where I wanted to get it, but 95% isn't bad. Now it's on to tackling the registration forms and waivers to make sure everybody filled everything out correctly! 

In other news, I'm looking at adding two more relay races to my calendar for this year - stay tuned for more details! 

How's your week been going? 


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