Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Vacation Race series

I was doing some random internet surfing last night and decided I wanted to look for some "must run races" for my 50 State Challenge and what better place to start than with Arizona? I got to go to the Grand Canyon in January 2013, so my first google search was for "Grand Canyon half marathon" and what did I find - a race 5 miles from the Grand Canyon! Even more amazing? There's a whole series of these races, focusing on half marathons held near various national parks:

I really want to go back to the Grand Canyon, so this would be a perfect way to combine a vacation with a running event. I'm a little nervous about the weather for the Grand Canyon in May, but it looks like the high averages in the low 70's and the low averages in the mid-30's, so it should definitely be manageable (though very different from my experience in January which required shoe spikes & a winter coat to be able to walk the trails). 

I will keep adding to my "wish list" races on my 50 States Running page, but I'm also looking for suggestions, so feel free to send them my way!

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  1. I'm from Vegas, why don't you check out the Red Rock Canyon Half Marathon in Las Vegas, Nevada! That would be a great excuse to come to Vegas ;) here's the link: