Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Showing off the bling

I've seen a lot of different ways that people display their race bibs and medal. As I was furnishing my house, I knew I wanted to do something more than just keep them on magnetic boards in my office. I really liked the idea of having something that would take up a large portion of one of my walls so that I could show off all that I've accomplished. I originally started looking for a large wooden or metal sign that would fit into my decor. I ended up with a large letter "A" that even came with a few of the original lightbulbs from when it was part of a lit sign (maybe from a gas station or diner?). With all the races I did in 2013, I doubled the amount of medals and probably came close to tripling the number of bibs hanging on my wall so I may have to rethink if / how I show off everything that I've accumulated, but I really like how it's turning out.

How do you display your medals and bibs? 


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