Friday, January 24, 2014

Ragnar Countdown - 2 weeks to go

So you want to run a relay race? 

I will say I've definitely had this conversation before! We're a full 12-person team and expecting to run for about 33 hours, but everything else is pretty much the same! On a more serious note, if you're interested in trying to figure out how to actually train for a relay race, Runner's World actually has some really good tips. The biggest one is to try to do some double running days. I haven't done that quite the way they describe it, because most of my weekly runs come from my soccer games, so what I usually do instead is play a soccer game at night, run the next morning and then play a soccer game that night. It worked really well for me last time, so I'm hoping it will work for me again this year. I'm running longer legs this time, but overall I'll be doing fewer miles. Given the training I've been doing for multiple half marathons last year and my current marathon training, I think the distance should be manageable.

Have you ever done multiple runs in 24 hours? 


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