Monday, January 20, 2014

Race jealousy & new runner blogs

Since signing up for the 14 in 14 challenge, I've been able to see all the awesome races that everyone has been doing this month and I'm absolutely jealous! I know I made the right decision not to do any races before the Ragnar Relay at the beginning of February, but all of the runner's posts have definitely made me wish I could be out there already. 

The good news is that in addition to all of the pictures from the races that people are doing, everyone is also sharing their blogs. Here's a couple that I've been able to check out so far:

  • The Tiny Terror - Amy Lauren shares her experience as the 2:30 pace leader for the Charleston Half Marathon
  • Happy Fit Mama - Angela educates everyone on what a reverse bucket list is - what's on yours?
  • Two Moms on the Run - Michelle (1/2 of the two moms duo) goes back to her "hater" days to try to understand some negative comments made on a blog she follows
  • Living the Dream - Fancy Nancy shares Monday motivation about staying consistent
  • Divas Run for Bling - Heather shares a weekly recap of last week's goals and sets some new ones for this week
Have you done any races yet this year? Do you have any other blogs to share?


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