Monday, January 06, 2014

I am smarter than my dog

Honestly, probably not, but I did figure out a way to better track my escape artist, Casey. Casey has a habit of finding new ways to get out of the fenced yard and after several weeks of blissful ignorance on my part thinking that I had finally patched all of the holes in the fence, she promptly took a one hour jaunt around the neighborhood on New Years Day. I don't know how she got out or where she went, but she came back soaked, scratched and limping. Luckily after a couple days of rest, the limp is gone and she's back to her playful self. But, she is now officially not allowed outside without supervision! At least until I can add
an extra layer of protection with an invisible fence on top of the wooden fence that's currently there. One of the biggest challenges I have is letting the dogs out at night since I have a fairly large yard and my deck lights don't extend far enough to actually see into the yard. Last night I came up with a solution though - I took one of the lights I usually clip on my running vest and hooked it onto her collar! This is not a completely full-proof plan because if she shakes her head too much, she bumps the button that turns the light off, but when it was on, I could see where she went by standing on the deck. This allows her to have freedom to roam around the yard and still gives me some peace of mind that she's not off escaping. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before she figures out my new system and comes up with a new plan to outwit me, but for now, I'm calling this one a win!

Are your pets smarter than you? Share your struggles! 

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  1. Genius! Now you just need the collar that let's them talk.