Monday, January 13, 2014

Hearts of felt

Inspired by the reindeer gift card holder I made at Christmas, as well as some Halloween decorations that my mom made a few years back, I decided to try to make some Valentine's Day decorations for my brick fireplace. Felt sticks to the bricks without needing anything else to adhere them, so it was the perfect medium. The only supplies you need is some felt in varying colors (I used white, light pink, bright pink, red, black with silver glitter hearts and red with black swirls), DMC floss and a needle to piece everything together. I made a couple of paper heart patterns, but after a couple of times, I just starting cutting free hand.  Mainly I put them together while I was watching some TV, so they went together pretty quickly and now I've got a fully decorated fireplace! 

Tonight starts a full week of soccer, so hopefully I can break out of the cold-weather blues from last week and get some good mileage in. What are your plans for the week? Is it warm enough to get outside for your runs?


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