Sunday, January 05, 2014

9 miler and marathon training changes

Yesterday was my first run with my training group since early December (!) and earlier this week, I got an email from John, the group leader, who sent me a personalized training plan for my upcoming marathon. I had used the sample marathon training plan from the Jeff Galloway Training Program book to create my own training plan, but John had a little bit different plan in mind for me, so instead of running 12 miles yesterday, I only had to run 9. The other big change is that for the twice a week run, I need to increase it to 5-7 miles instead of the 3-4 that I was originally planning. This will require more running in addition to the soccer games that I play during the week because I usually only hit around 2 miles in each game (3 times a week) plus around 4 miles during pick-up games (once a week). Not too much of a change, but probably enough to add another run or two during the week. 

It was nice to get out and run with a group again. It was fun to do some runs by myself - I got to listen to the Hunger Games audiobook on my new vest / speaker system - but for this run, I didn't even break out my music, I just chatted with my fellow runners and enjoyed the scenery. Most of the group was running a 7 mile route, but there were several of us who decided to run 9. The most amazing part to me is the person who was pacing us didn't have any type of electronic device to help him figure out how fast we were going and we kept a pretty consistent pace throughout the entire time, with the only variations coming from water stops and waiting on traffic at stoplights. 

Mile 1 - 12:54
Mile 2 - 12:00
Mile 3 - 13:13 <-- water stop
Mile 4 - 11:57
Mile 5 - 12:02
Mile 6 - 15:13 <-- water stop
Mile 7 - 12:52
Mile 8 - 13:25
Mile 9 - 12:47
Last .24 - 11:57

The temperature for the run was 16 degrees. Luckily we missed the rain by a day, so while it was cold, it wasn't unbearable. I will definitely have to continue to play with what clothes to wear in the cold weather. I wore fleece-lined running pants, 3 layers on top (t-shirt, long-sleeve cold weather shirt and a light wind jacket), gloves and a headband. Do you have special gear that you wear for cold weather running? 

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  1. Sometimes I would prefer to run in cold weather, than 85+ degrees with humidity. I just found a Mizuno thermo heating shirt the other day and I love it! Totally keeps me warm on those cold runs! :)