Friday, January 03, 2014

31 in 31 recap

I realized that I never did an update on my 31 in 31 challenge for December… I failed miserably! I only really completed the first week with any consistency. Lots of excuses for why this didn't work and I didn't get to the exercises every night, but the days are over and done, so no use rehashing why it didn't work the first time, just time to make a plan to change some things for next time!

  1. Do the exercises first thing in the morning - I kept telling myself I'd do the exercises before I went to bed and then I'd forget until I had already turned off the lights and at that point, all hope was lost.
  2. Switch up the exercises from one day to another - One challenge I had was doing the same exercises every day. Either I was doing too many reps with too much resistance or it was just too much to do those exercises after I played in my soccer games. Yet another reason to do the exercises in the morning when my legs would be fresh.
  3. Create more accountability - When I originally started the 31 in 31, I was planning to post updates at least weekly here on the blog, but I only did a recap of the first week and then, much like the exercises themselves, I let it fall off the map. The original group also had a discussion board and would keep track of their running adventures. 
For a recap of a successful 31 in 31, check out Paul's post at Off Road Pursuits for a recap of his running adventures complete with awesome pictures! Did anyone else participate in a 31 in 31 challenge?


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