Saturday, December 28, 2013

So much fabric!

Yesterday was a quilting day, or more appropriately for me, a cutting fabric day. As I mentioned in a previous post, I've started to run low on unique fabrics for the baby quilts that I make. For each quilt, I need 56 different 5" squares. So, I brought some fabrics from home and figured that I would have some time while I was in Pennsylvania to cut some new squares. I started out by just cutting the 5" squares from the fabric that I brought, but quickly my mom offered up some of her stash to add to my collection. Soon, not only was I cutting 5" squares, but she was too! We also tried to use up some of the scraps that she had in bags from who-knows-when, so in addition to the 5" squares, we now had piles of 2" strips, 2.5" squares and 1.5" strips. Anything that was too small for a 1.5" strip got tossed (!) and we finally made a dent in some of the scrap bags.

I don't know how many different fabrics are now in 5" squares, but the squares in the picture below have been sorted into 25 different categories including colors (pink, blue, brown, etc.), transportation (boats, motorcycles, dump trucks), people (vikings, clothing, doctors), food (potatoes, cupcakes, apples), Winnie the Pooh, soccer, hockey, bugs (ladybugs, dragonflys) and other animals (cats, horses, turtles, frogs). There are so many unique patters that I'm sure to have enough variety for many quilts to come!

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  1. Happy to help you out! Quilters need a variety of fabrics, like painters need all the colors to create works of art.