Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Getting crafty

It all started with a baby quilt… over the last two weeks I've made a baby quilt, a fabric wreath and a fabric tree.
FIrst up (top left) was a baby quilt for my cousin's baby shower. I use a pretty simple template for all of my baby quilts - I pick out a bunch of colorful / themed fabrics and use 5" squares to make up the size I'm looking for (7 columns x 8 rows). I bought a bunch of 5" squares a couple of years ago, so I've been slowly using up that stash and finally had to go through some of my other fabrics to get enough unique designs. 

I've seen lots of fabric wreaths on Facebook and just searched for some ideas online. I found a DIY Rag Wreath which gave a lot of pictures and some simple steps for how to make a wreath out of fabric scraps. I knew that I had a lot of green, red and various Christmas-themed fabrics, so originally I was going to mix all of the fabrics together to make a wreath similar to the on from the blog, but as I started to mix the fabrics together, it wasn't coming out the way I had hoped. Instead, I put all of the same colored fabrics together - with a mixture of the Christmas-themed fabrics at the top and bottom. So now, I have a two-toned wreath hanging on my front door (bottom left). I'm not 100% sold on this yet, since I've got a bright red door, the red fabrics blend in a little too much, but other than that, I like how it turned out and it was really easy to make. The only thing I had to buy was a 12" wreath which I then tied the scrap fabrics around. 

Finally, I decided to make a fabric-covered tree (right) to replace an owl I've had on my shelf all fall. I saw one at Black Lion but I wanted to see if I could make one myself. I used scraps of tan and white fabrics to create the layers and just pinned the fabric triangles onto the foam shape. The shelf looks a little bare with just the one tree, so I may try to see if I can find something similar in different sizes and do some different colors - maybe using some of the same Christmas-themed fabrics from the wreath. 


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