Monday, December 02, 2013

Cyber Monday Deals & Christmas Wish Lists

So, I'm definitely stealing this idea from numerous other bloggers out there who have posted their own lists, but I'll try not to duplicate too much.

Wheeling and Dealing

Christmas Wish List
  • Road Noise reflective running vest with speakers - with winter upon us, a lot more time will be spent outside during less than ideal light conditions, plus with the Ragnar Relay coming up in February, this will be the perfect addition to my running wardrobe.
  • RoadID running bracelet - I hardly ever run with any form of ID, usually just some water, GU and either a key to my house or my car
  • GU in bulk - I have a hard time finding boxes of GU in any of the local stores, so Amazon will be my go-to for this one. The only challenge I have with buying GU a couple at a time is remembering to stock up before my long training runs. 
What's on your wish list? Are there any other deals you know about?


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