Sunday, December 01, 2013

31 for 31

My friend, Paul, over at Off Road Pursuits is starting a group to do 31 runs in 31 days in December. The concept is to run every day of the month and I'd love to try it out, but with the Santa Hustle coming up in a couple weeks and other training priorities right now, I've decided that I can't commit to that running schedule.

But, instead I'm going to use that model to work on something that's related to my current training. I continue to have IT band issues and November has been especially bad in comparison to the last 6 months. I started having some issues around mile 12 of my last half marathon in October, but I was still able to finish 12 minutes faster than my May half marathon. I hadn't had any issues in training, but I was pushing myself to run further faster than I have ever done before. Then came November which looked pretty easy on paper: 10k followed by two 5ks followed by an 8k. But, I haven't been training at my normal 5k or even 10k pace, so I was again pushing myself to go faster than I was used to and I felt it in my knee after (and sometimes during) every run. 

Yesterday was no exception through my long run. I didn't have any major issues, but could feel the twinge hanging out in my left knee near the end of the run. I came home and took an ice bath which definitely helps, but today I start my own 31 in 31: I'm committing to do IT band exercises every day. It's something I know I should be doing and something that I have had success with in the past, but once my knee starts to feel better and doesn't give me any more issues on my training runs, it easily falls to the back burner of things to get done before I go to bed! 

What can you add to your daily routine to work towards something that you know you should do, but it keeps getting put off? Who is willing to commit to their own 31 in 31?


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