Saturday, November 30, 2013

Slowing Down to Feel Good

The nice part about winter in the south is that you get to sleep in before doing your long runs! For most of the year, it gets so hot and humid so fast during the day that I have to set my alarm for 6:00 or 6:30 to get any good amount of mileage in before it's just too hot to go outside. Today was different - the temperature was around 41, but there was a pretty good breeze, so it felt closer to the mid-30's.

This whole week I've been going back and forth about whether to do a long run this weekend or not given all of the races this month and the fact that after I did the Turkey Trot on Thursday, I went and played flag football for about an hour & half (Garmin says 2.4 miles). But, after looking at the calendar I realized that if I didn't get a long run in this weekend, I wasn't going to do one before the Santa Hustle half marathon on December 15 and since my longest run since October 20 (Myrtle Beach mini marathon) was only a 10k, I figured it was definitely a good idea to try to get another long one in. My goal was to make it an easy 9 miler and it actually worked! 

Mile 1 - 10:24
Mile 2 - 10:58
Mile 3 - 10:18
Mile 4 - 11:31
Mile 5 - 10:39
Mile 6 - 10:43
Mile 7 - 11:10
Mile 8 - 11:07
Mile 9 - 10:02
Last .15 - 1:13

Lesson learned: If I stick to the training plan (2 minutes running, 1 minute walking) and slow myself down, I feel great the rest of the day! The 2:1 ratio is supposed to target a 12-minute mile, so I'm still running faster than I'm "supposed" to, but overall, this run felt great. 

After most of my previous training runs I end up taking an afternoon nap, but I haven't needed one today, which is a major plus when there's so many other things to get done around the house. There's probably two main contributors to this effect: not getting up early to run (since I never actually go to bed early the night before the run) and slowing down during the run itself. 

How do you feel after your typical training runs? Are you able to slow yourself down for the easy runs?


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